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Check out some of our recent work below! 

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Another custom project nearing completion. Interior aluminum ADA ramp to gain access from one mezzanine to another! One ramp complete one to go!

Views from the Hilton Garden project with over 170 tons of steel!

Another what would seem impossible project, reviewed and made possible from the BWS team. New support steel underneath an existing concrete floor and above a 10′ diameter glass lined steel tanks installed in the basement on the Pompeian Olive oil plant in Baltimore in which tanks were built and installed over 100 years ago. Temporary platforms built over tanks for the safety of our employees, placing steel through an old window 1 story below grade and then statically placing above these tanks. Our years in the industry always pays off!

Now this is a column base plate 5’x6’x3″ thick attached to a W24x207 beam making this one column a 12,000lb pick!

12,000 pound columns rolling out the door headed to job site!
A set of spiral stairs installed for a great client of ours.
Completed yet another custom build these stairs are 6′ wide Galvanized per specs build to last a life time. Rails are our signature SS cable system with SS plate post featuring a 2 1/2″ top rail all with the #4 finish.
This system provides the edge protection while allowing non obstructed views. A great system and a look that will last for years!
Diversification is key at BWS we strive to meet and exceed all of our clients needs no matter what, our skilled staff can take care of it all. Stayton project created new overhead dock door openings then were asked to re-skin the interior with panels. Completing phase one of this project phase two is a new 39,000 square foot pre-engineered metal building more coming soon!
Another one in the books completing steel frame on a Towne Place Suites hotel in Aberdeen!